MyArena esports platform have largest esports team and player information in Thailand,  established in 2016 to be esports Promoter and Organizer to provide all esports services in Thailand.

“We match Game and eSports and Gamers together and provide benefit to all parties”

Over than 5,000 match, 3,000 teams, 9,000 players in 2017.

– Gamer is excited with esports and prize pool item.
– Generate Prize Cost from Prize Pool item, reduce marketing cost. Make more revenue from Prize Pool item.
– Caster cheers the game and tournament to influencer social. User can make real money from their item
– Get more gamer to the game

– Tournament & Live Broadcast
– Prize Pool Item for Gamer
– Prize for Team Player
– Revenue for Game Owner
– Revenue to Caster
– Item community
– Reach awareness to Game Owner

– Online Shop Services

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